NH Motor Vehicle Inspection Seminar

Automotive Training Program at LRCC

A NH Motor Vehicle Inspection Seminar will be held Tuesday, March 19 and Wednesday, March 20 from 5:00-9:00 pm in Room 115 of the Auto Building at Lakes Region Community College. The course fee is $125.

This workshop has been endorsed by NH Auto Dealers Association and is eligible for the WFD NH Jobs Grant for 50% reimbursement to the employer.

NH Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection Seminar is a learning experience that combines online study of inspection rules with eight hours of hands-on practice performing the various tasks required to complete an official vehicle safety inspection and emission inspection. 

Participants will complete an on-line course of study followed by two four hour hands-on modules that start at 5:00 PM and end at 9:00 PM. Participants must be able to access the internet to open the Motor Vehicle Inspection course on CCSNH Canvas learning management system and complete the desk exercises before the hands-on exercises.

Outcomes: The successful learner will...

  • demonstrate knowledge of NH State Inspection rules and requirements.
  • demonstrate the ability to perform a NH State Inspection following a logical sequence.
  • demonstrate the ability to check steering linkage and suspension component wear using a dial indicator to the nearest 0.001"
  • demonstrate the ability to measure rotor thickness using an outside micrometer.
  • demonstrate the ability to check headlamp aim using the CVA EZ headlamp aimer.
  • demonstrate the ability to properly check tire condition and tread wear using the trad depth gauge to the nearest 1/32 inch.
  • demonstrate the ability to inspect brake lining thickness using brake lining thickness gauges.
  • demonstrate the ability to measure brake drum diameter using the Ammco brake drum micrometer to the nearest 0.005"
  • demonstrate the ability to determine window tinting light admittance.

To Register, please call (603) 524-3207 and ask to register for Course Number NCWK 545L and CRN 24596. You may also fax a Registration Form to (603) 524-8084 or register in person at Lakes Region Community College, 379 Belmont Rd., Laconia, NH 03246.



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