Live-In Program

Listed below are the fire departments and contact information provided for the “Live-In Programs” for Fire Science students.

Students interested in participating in this program are responsible for contacting the department(s) of their choice for additional information.

Town Contact Person Phone/Email
Allenstown Evan McIntosh (603) 485-9202
Alton Capt. Evan Turcotte (603) 875-0222
Belmont Lt. Ryan Brown (603) 267-8333
Brentwood Chief William Campbell (603) 642-8132
Bristol Capt. Aaron Heath (603) 744-2632
Center Harbor Chief Leon Manville (603) 253-4451
Chichester Dep. Chief Matt Cole (603) 608-6251
Gilford Nate Hanson

(603) 527-4758

Gilmanton Chief Joe Hempel (603) 364-2500
Please send: Letter of Interest and Recommendations to
Gilmanton FD, 1824 NH Rte 140, Gilmanton IW, NH 03837
Meredith Asst. Chief Adre Kloetz (603) 273-7660
Please refer to the regarding interns
Newport Copeland C. Miller


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